On 4th October 2018, the Shift2Rail JU IP5 project Optiyard mid-term conference was held at UIC in Paris.

This event has given the thirteen partners of the consortium an excellent opportunity to share the initial results achieved during the first twelve months of the project and to discuss future plans to ensure continuity and collaboration within the work of IP5, and to communicate Shift2Rail’s ambition for the European rail freight.
Mr. Giancarlo De Marco Telese, coordinator of the project, presented the project’s context and its main objectives. Mr. Lucas Garvia, Shift2Rail JU OptiYard project officer, then presented the Shift2Rail vision and its current implementation and highlighted the high expectations of the Shift2Rail JU for OptiYard to contribute to the development of the railway freight sector.
Results of Work packages 2 to 5 were presented and amply discussed. All of the presentations made during the conference are now available on the OptiYard website at: https://optiyard.eu/downloads/

Please contact Ms. Christine HASSOUN at hassoun@uic.org for more information about the project.